The petition filed by historian Stanley Kutler and several historical and archival organizations with the US District Court for the District of Columbia, asking that President Nixon’s 1975 grand jury testimony about Watergate be unsealed, has been the subject of several more articles.  Here’s Spencer Hsu’s article in the Washington Post.  The Daily Mail in London has also been covering the story.  And John W. Dean III, in his latest column at, expands on the arguments he made for the testimony’s release in a declaration accompanying Kutler et al’s petition. He notes that when the grand jury records preceding Alger Hiss’s indictment were released recently, they included testimony from then-Congressman Richard Nixon about the House Un-American Activities Committee’s investigation of Hiss.  The difference in that case was that the Hiss materials were nearly sixty years old when released and everyone mentioned in the documents was deceased.  In the case of Nixon’s Watergate testimony, as Fox News’s James Rosen points out in the Daily Mail article, several people who would figure in it are still living, notably Dean himself.