Together with the Nixon Center and the University of Southern California’s U.S.-China Institute, the Nixon Foundation hosted a special Nixon Legacy Forum on the USC campus to explore RN’s historic opening to China and its impact on modern U.S.-China relations.
Dwight Chapin and Larry Higby, Deputy Assistants to the President and Military Aide Col. Jack Brennan provided an overview of how the trip was planned and executed.

The presentation was followed by a special panel from the Washington D.C. Nixon Center and USC faculty discussing the trip’s impact and China’s place in the world today on issues such as relations with the United States, climate change, cultural interaction, its role in the Middle East and relations with its Asian neighbors.

Watch Part I, featuring Dwight Chapin, Larry Higby and Col. Jack Brennan below.

To Watch Part II, featuring Nixon Center and USC scholars click here.

Photo, Left to Right: Larry Higby, Jack Brennan and Dwight Chapin.