RN talks about the first time he met Patricia Ryan:

One day in 1938, Mrs. Lilly Baldwin, the director of the local amateur theatre group, telephoned me to ask if I would like to play the part of a prosecuting attorney in their upcoming production of Ayn Rand’s courtroom drama, The Night of January 16th. I took the part and thoroughly enjoyed this experience in amateur dramatics.

Several months later I went to the casting tryouts for a production of George S. Kaufman and Alexander Wolcott’s play, The Dark Tower. I thought I knew everyone in Whittier, but that night a beautiful and vivacious women with titian hair appeared whom I have never seen before. I found I could not take my eyes form her. This new girl in town was Pat Ryan, and she had just begun teaching at Whittier High School. For me it was a case of love at first sight.

Watch RN discuss the first time he met PN with Frank Gannon, the Chief Editor of his memoirs: