Priscilla-Joy Everts, Social Secretary to Vice President Nixon and close friend of the Nixon Family, passed away early this year. She was 92.
As an integral apart of the Vice President’s small but every effective staff, she managed Mrs. Nixon’s correspondences and travels, as well as all social events.

“She was a beautiful letter writer, socially knowledgeable, and a very loyal to the Nixon family,” remembers Loie Gaunt who worked as Office Manager to Vice President President Nixon.

Everts served in World War II as a volunteer for the American Red Cross, delivering coffee and donuts to American troops on the front line. In addition to working on the Vice President Nixon’s staff,  she also served in variety of executive positions including assistant to the President of Mills College and coordinator of civic affairs for Northrop.

“Her kindness and professionalism were a testament to the experience she had and the life she lived,” says Gaunt.  “We miss her dearly.”