Author, commentator and former Special Assistant to President Nixon Bruce Herschensohn reported on the recent sequence of events in Egypt Tuesday. His talk in the East Room focused on what President Nixon would have done, if confronted with a similar power struggle that had regional – and global – ramifications.

Herschensohn believes RN would have supported Hosni Mubarakak from the outset of the power crisis, because of the former Egyptian President’s decades of friendship to the United States, his consistent efforts at Middle East peace, and to avoid the risk of someone unknown leading the government, especially while America and its allies are engaged in a war against terrorism.

‘I believe on January 25, which was the very beginning of all this, he would have privately phoned President Mubarak and surely would not have said that the United States was considering cutting aid to Egypt’s military,’ Herschensohn said. “President Nixon would have said to President Mubarak: ‘you have built your military into a force highly respected and trusted by Egyptians and that is known throughout the world. What does your military need and what can we supply them?’

“He would have framed it that way because of what he already knew for many years about Egypt, that the military is truly the ultimate voice.”