Memorial services 11:30 am, Sunday, March 20 at the Nixon Library

The Guild is mourning the loss of one of our founding Docents Alice Armstrong. Alice was a member of the Guild from the opening of the Library in 1990. She was a founding Docent, charter member and life time member of the Guild.

Alice was a graduate of the University of California at Santa Barbara with a degree in Physical Education. In her capacity as a teacher and volunteer she shared her love of sports with students for 25 years. Tennis and swimming were her favorite sports. Alice was playing tennis until just a few years ago.

She loved musical theater, reading and traveling. Alice and her husband Paul took family trips with their five children in the family station wagon. Alice and Paul made several wonderful trips together. I loved to hear her talk about the trip she and Paul made traveling on a train across Siberia.

Alice served the Guild as President and a member of several committees. Her favorite committee was Geography. She was able to share first hand experiences with the students.

She exemplified the professionalism and dedication we all strive for as Docents.

Keep smiling. Remember Alice’s beautiful smile and it won’t be hard.

Marg Garvey is President of the Richard Nixon Library Docent Guild.