At The New York Times “Caucus” blog, Matt Bai compares Newt Gingrich to RN:

[I]f Mr. Gingrich is looking for hopeful historical comparisons, the more apt one might be Richard Nixon. Unlike Mr. Reagan, who even in his lower moments retained a certain celebrity appeal, Mr. Nixon was humiliated and all but exiled after publicly self-destructing in 1962. He then retreated to the sidelines and watched as his party disintegrated, leaving a vacuum of leadership and gravitas on the right that enabled Mr. Nixon to make one of the great comebacks in political history.

The article cites de Gaulle as another model for Gingrich. The reference is apt, since RN deeply admired de Gaulle.  He drew inspiration from the French leader’s wilderness years, when he withdrew to Colombey-les-deux-Eglises to write his memoirs and await his return to the arena.

Photo: Newt Gingrich spoke at the Nixon Library in May 2007.