Over 200 visitors packed the Nixon Library’s magnificent White House East Room to listen to George Washington, America’s first President and also the first President featured in the Nixon Foundation’s summer series, Meet the Presidents.
Washington, who was accompanied by American patriot and minute-man Paul Revere, shared anecdotes and memorabilia with the crowd and invited younger members of the audience up to the stage to sing and play, “Yankee Doodle Dandy,” while explaining the history behind the famous tune.

“I love this series! It’s so much better than sitting in front of the TV all day,” said local resident Adam Drozd, 5.

Washington also enthused the crowd with fascinating stories about his favorite past times.

“Did you know that ballroom dancing was my favorite thing to do for fun,” he explained. Washington then invited a young lady from the audience up to the front of the stage to join him in a dance to period music.

Washington recalled very lovingly about his wife, Martha and his adopted children Nellie and Jack, and that some of the best moments in his life were spending quality time with his grandchildren.  He spoke reminiscently of Nellie’s wedding and remembered her being courted by European royalty who all wanted to be part of the Washington family.

During the question and answer segment, one child asked him how many battles he had won during the Revolutionary War.

“Actually, not very many,” replied Washington, “I only won five battles during the whole war.”

Bring the family to our next Meet the Presidents event July 1-5, with Presidents Washington and Lincoln.