Cara Buckley writes in the Times “Style” section:

Both come from families steeped in politics. Mr. Cox, now 32, is the only child of Tricia Nixon Cox and Edward F. Cox. His father, a member of an old New York family, is a lawyer and the chairman of the New York Republican State Committee. His aunt, Julie Nixon Eisenhower, is married to David D. Eisenhower II, a grandson of President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

As a child, Christopher Cox would go to sleep listening to tapes of President Nixon reading books. A family story has it that when Christopher was 3 or 4, he was sitting at the dinner table when someone asked for the salt. “I said, ‘Be careful with the salt, it’s important for world peace,’ ” Mr. Cox said.  “I had no idea that it was the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks.”

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