“I didn’t adopt my children to be adopted by American pop culture,” Fox News contributor and radio talk show star Laura Ingraham told a packed crowd in the Nixon Library’s White House East Room. “It is the cult of celebrity that is now setting the norms for all of us. And given the behavior of some of the top-paid performers in the U.S. – who in the world would want to see their children or anyone for that matter act like they do?”
The occasion was Ingraham’s only Southern California appearance for her newest bestseller, Of Thee I Zing, a satirical commentary on America’s cultural decline and a guidebook on what its citizens can do to restore the country’s greatness and time honored traditions.

Ingraham stressed what she believes is the self-obsessed character of modern society, and how through the bad conduct of its celebrities and the advent of modern technology, the youth are taught that they too can be famous if they act “brazen enough” and “have a chip on their shoulder”

She also talked about the “tech zombie” culture and how social networking, online gaming and the devices on which they’re used are destroying people’s ability to socially interact.

“You have seen these people—you may even know be one or know one—I refer, of course, to the tech zombies. The best place to observe them, is in their natural habitat—your local Starbucks,” Ingraham said. “They sit with laptops open, hunched over their screens…headphones on…trying to look feverishly busy, and giving off an air of supreme importance”…. “If you do intend to engage with said LapTop people, prepare to be greeted with indecipherable grunts, mumbling, and or complaints about the WiFi signal.”

Ingraham concluded her remarks on a more serious note: “this country is in real trouble” … “we are missing out on real life.”

“This book – in a comedic way – wakes people up.”

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