“I will do anything for the cause, ” said online media superstar and commentator Andrew Breitbart before a crowd Thursday at the Nixon Library, where he discussed and signed copies of his new book about media bias, Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World.

Breitbart’s cause is the fight against the “Democratic Media Complex,” what he calls the “natural alliance between liberal interest groups, the Democratic Party, and the mainstream media.”

In the last three election cycles, “people just didn’t understand how the Democratic Party worked with the unions, and worked with tax payer funded groups like ACORN to subvert the political system,” Breitbart explained. All you have to do is “Youtube ACORN, Youtube SEIU, and you will see an army that is willing, able and quite feisty in their zeal to attack the American people.”

Breitbart went on to explain the mainstream media’s complicity with these egregious tactics, and what he believes is their impudence towards Americans who peacefully protest the takeover of their country.

“That is why Nixon was Nixon by the way, I have to be honest with you, I’m Nixonesque”…”I’m looking out there, and they are out to get us,” Breitbart said. “When you take out ACORN, and when you take out Anthony Weiner, you have a target on your head. He took out Alger Hiss. And he didn’t have new media to defend him.”

He recalled recent incidents such as the Wisconsin teacher’s strike early this year and how the networks refused to cover the educators “consorting with medical doctors from the University of Wisconsin to create fake doctor’s notes in order to not just take a day off of work and have a walk out, but to further defraud the government”… so that “the taxpayer would have to foot the bill for their taking a day off.”

Breitbart’s solution: fight back and fight back strong, and utilize new technology and the Internet to make your voices heard.

“It took bloggers with $100 cameras to expose the corruption and to expose the Democratic Media Complex,” Breitbart said. “Thank God for technology, thank God for innovation, and thank God for the freedom for the average American to say if your not going to tell the truth about what’s going on in America. [we will].”

“That camera in their purse is their weapon to keep this country free.”

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