Madame Li Xiaolin, the daughter of former Chinese President Li Xiannian, hosted a special film screening at the Nixon Library Friday. Her new documentary is “Touching the Tigers,” the story of World War II and volunteer “Flying Tigers” pilot Glen Beneda, who was shot down and wounded while defending the China mainland from Japanese Forces.

Beneda was rescued by Chinese farmers and soldiers, and escorted for 60 days to safety at a U.S. air base. The aid and comfort he received cemented his affection for the Chinese people, and serves as a symbol to the promise of Sino-American relations, especially as the two nations face similar global challenges today.

Watch the whole documentary below:

Photo: Madame Li Xiaolin points to her mother, standing to the right of President and Mrs. Nixon, in the historic 1972 photo at the Great Wall. Madame Li’s father, Li XIannian, was the third President of China.