RN wrote the little known The Meaning of Communism to Americans on August 21, 1960, flatly contending that Americans needed to better understand the socialist and communist philosophies in order to overcome them ideologically. At the time the Cold War was raging and the threat of communism was very real. Perhaps in this day and age at a time when many countries are struggling with plans for their economic futures — and even though the Soviet Union is gone — it may be wise to heed RN’s words:

The major problem confronting the people of the United States and free peoples everywhere in the last half of the 20th century is the threat to peace and freedom presented by the militant aggressiveness of international communism. A major weakness in this struggle is lack of adequate understanding of the character of the challenge which communism presents.

I am convinced that we are on the right side in this struggle and that we are well ahead now in its major aspects. But if we are to maintain our advantage and assure victory in the struggle, we must develop, not only among the leaders, but among the people of the free world a better understanding of the threat which confronts us.

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