RN formally accepted the GOP nomination for the Presidency on August 8, 1968 — his fourth time (of five total) appearing on a national ballot. Held in the Miami Beach Convention Center, RN delivered what became one of his most memorable addresses.
With so many eloquent passages from the speech, it’s difficult to choose the best. But here are some of which are the most relevant to today:

We do not seek domination over any other country.

We believe deeply in our ideas, but we believe they should travel on their own power and not on the power of our arms.

We shall never be belligerent but we shall be as firm in defending our system as they are in expanding theirs.

We believe this should be an era of peaceful competition, not only in the productivity of our factories but in the quality of our ideas.

We extend the hand of friendship to all people, to the Russian people, to the Chinese people, to all people in the world.

And we shall work toward the goal of an open world — open skies, open cities, open hearts, open minds.

He went on to comment on the difficult upheaval with which America was dealing, considered among the most turbulent times since the Civil War. In doing so he outlined his goals, if elected:

I see a day when Americans are once again proud of their flag. When once again at home and abroad, it is honored as the world’s greatest symbol of liberty and justice.

I see a day when the President of the United States is respected and his office is honored because it is worthy of respect and worthy of honor.

I see a day when every child in this land, regardless of his background, has a chance for the best education our wisdom and schools can provide, and an equal chance to go just as high as his talents will take him.

I see a day when life in rural America attracts people to the country, rather than driving them away.

I see a day when we can look back on massive breakthroughs in solving the problems of slums and pollution and traffic which are choking our cities to death.

I see a day when our senior citizens and millions of others can plan for the future with the assurance that their government is not going to rob them of their savings by destroying the value of their dollars.

I see a day when we will again have freedom from fear in America and freedom from fear in the world.

I see a day when our nation is at peace and the world is at peace and everyone on earth — those who hope, those who aspire, those who crave liberty — will look to America as the shining example of hopes realized and dreams achieved.

And he also noted:

My fellow Americans, I believe that historians will recall that 1968 marked the beginning of the American generation in world history.

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