For all you history buffs out there, take note of this fun Nixon Thanksgiving trivia:

In 1969, Mrs. Nixon became the first – and, thusfar, only – First Lady to issue a Thanksgiving Day proclamation. Though all Presidents since Washington had been issuing proclamations to give thanks for our country, the trailblazing Mrs. Nixon once again broke new FLOTUS ground.

Also in 1969, the Nixon family hosted over 225 people in the East Room for Thanksgiving, mainly those in assisted living facilities in the DC area without family to spend the holidays with. The following year they invited wounded service members and the ever-gracious hostess advised the chefs on last-minute turkey details, too!

In 1973, Mrs. Nixon received two turkeys from the National Turkey Federation in the Rose Garden before the annual turkey pardoning. Check out a rare video of the event here.

From all of us at the Nixon Foundation, Happy Thanksgiving!