“Houses of the Presidents: Childhood Homes, Family Dwellings, Private Escapes, and Grand Estates,” written by Hugh Howard, offers glimpses into American presidents’ second-most famous houses, from Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt’s Springwood in Hyde Park to Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello.

The Washington Post featured a gallery highlighting several homes of former U.S. Presidents, including the birthplace of Richard Nixon..

Here is an excerpt from the book on RN’s Birthplace:

The plain small house where Richard Nixon was born in Yorba Linda, Calif., is framed by an immense California pepper tree that his father, Frank Nixon, planted in 1914. The Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum complex is visible to the rear. The one-story house had five rooms on the main floor, with the boys’ bedroom built into the pitched roof at the rear. It is a kit house, which was common in the early years of the 20th century. Sears, Roebuck and Company and Montgomery Ward sold such houses by mail order.