Today–June 5, 2014–marks the 10th anniversary of President Ronald Reagan’s passing. celebrates the late leader’s legacy with a photographic collection that gives visual credence to his and President Richard Nixon’s close relationship.

President-Elect Richard Nixon and California Gov. Ronald Reagan joined by wives Pat and Nancy at the 1969 Rose Bowl – January 1, 1969.

San Clemente, August 13, 1969

President Nixon and Governor Reagan in conversation at RN’s San Clemente Office – August 13, 1969. 

San Clemente, July 30, 1970

President and Mrs. Nixon stand next to Ronald and Nancy Reagan at La Casa Pacifica, July 30, 1970. To the right is Senator George Murphy. 

Anaheim Convention Center, Octobober 30, 1970

President Nixon rallying on Governor Ronald Reagan and Senator George Murphy at the San Jose Convention Center – October 29, 1970.

Oval Office, January 23, 1971

Governor Reagan attends an oval office meeting with President Nixon, Vice President Agnew, and US Attorney General John Mitchell – January 23, 1971.

Oval Office, November 17, 1971

President Nixon sitting in the Oval Office armchairs with Governor Ronald Reagan – November 11, 1971.

Photos with Ronald Reagan during  President Nixon’s post-presidential years: 

RN RR 1987