Peter Conradi is the foreign editor of the Sunday Times and author of “Who Lost Russia: How the World Entered a New Cold War”

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This edition of the Nixon Now Podcast features author Peter Conradi on the dramatic aftermath of the fall of the Soviet Union, and the rise of Putin’s Russia. The conversation includes story behind Nixon’s critique of the George H.W. Bush administration’s handling of U.S.-Russia relations.

Conradi is the foreign editor of The Sunday Times. During his seven years as a foreign correspondent in Moscow, Conradi witnessed the USSR’s collapse first-hand. His previous books include include “Hitler’s Piano Player” and the international bestseller “The King’s Speech” co-authored with Mark Logue, which told the real-life story behind the Oscar-Winning film. He’s also the author of a newly released book, “Who Lost Russia: How the World Entered A New Cold War,” which the New York Times is calling “A smart, balanced analysis of the internal developments that have shaped Russia’s course since the break-up of the Soviet Union.”

Show Highlights:

— The Soviet Union’s Fall
— The Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin Rivalry
— President Nixon’s Critique of President George H.W. Bush’s Russia Policy.
— U.S.-Russia Relations from Presidents George H.W. Bush to Donald Trump.
— Russia’s Struggle between Westernization and Traditional Slavism.
— Russia’s Transition from Command Economy to Free Market Economy.
— Russia’s Foreign Policy and Actions in Georgia, Ukraine, and Syria.
— How Vladimir Putin Rose to Power.
— Putin’s Ideology.

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Photo: President Nixon and Russian President Boris Yeltsin in 1991. Credit: Richard Nixon Foundation.