Online Exhibit Marks 50th Anniversary of Richard Nixon’s Seminal 1967 Article

“Asia After Viet Nam” at 50 is one of a series of online exhibits specifically designed by the Richard Nixon Foundation for digital viewing on desktops and mobile devices.

In “Asia After Viet Nam,” published in the prestigious Foreign Affairs magazine’s October 1967 issue, Nixon revealed for the first time in a public forum the ideas about dealing with China that he would begin acting on when he was elected President the following year.

In this online exhibit, the typescript of the 17 page memo Nixon dictated on July 31st 1967 will be made available for the first time. Written to Ray Price, a new collaborator who would become Nixon’s chief White House speechwriter, the memo provides a uniquely detailed and nuanced view both of the working of Richard Nixon’s mind, and the earliest intimate expression of how he viewed the changes in world power that were being caused by the Vietnam War.

The exhibit includes a never before seen letter from Nixon to former President Eisenhower, discussing Ike’s contribution about Japanese national defense to the draft of “Asia After Viet Nam.”


As their contributions to the exhibit marking the 50th anniversary of “Asia After Viet Nam”, the Foundation has published two new articles by noted historians and biographers:

“Asia After Viet Nam” Fifty Years On, by Conrad Black

“After Viet Nam”: Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger and the Search for a Strategy to End the Vietnam War, by Niall Ferguson (adapted from his Kissinger: 1923-1968: The Idealist)