Nixon Biographer Jonathan Aitken returned to Yorba Linda yesterday to share new Nixon stories and reflections gleaned from writing his book Nixon: A Life, first published in 1993.

As a non-American biographer who had cooperation from President Nixon while writing his book, Revd Aitken brings a distinct perspective that makes his work stand apart from other Nixon biographies. He noted that while the former president answered questions and gave lengthy interviews, he never restrained his work or asked to see a draft before it was completed. 

As the first Nixon biographer to interview Nixon’s childhood schoolmates and neighbors, the first chapters of his book on the early years of Nixon’s life offer unique information on the President’s formative years.  

During his talk at the Nixon Library, Aitken shared never heard before stories including personal anecdotes like being President Nixon’s guest at a performance of his favorite musical, Carousel, and multiple examples of the former President’s “gift for international predictions.” 

Aitken noted three remarkable qualities of Richard Nixon that lead to his success: his work ethic, his ability to pick people to be his advisors and his resilience. Reflecting on the lasting legacy of the thirty-seventh president, Aitken pronounced, “I believe that on the stock exchange of history, shares of President Nixon’s reputation are a good buy.”

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