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RN’s Plan for Higher Education

President Nixon and Secretary of H.E.W Robert Finch visit Washington Technical Institute in Cleveland, Ohio. By Chris Barber By the time Richard Nixon became President, America’s higher education system began to suffer under its own weight. A growing identity crisis...

Nixon and de Gaulle

President Nixon and General de Gaulle in Paris, 1969. By Chris Barber Like many who had yet to make the acquaintance of Charles André Joseph Marie de Gaulle, Richard Nixon initially developed a particular bias against the hauteur man of France. After all, to know de...

Richard Nixon and Post-Yeltsin Russia

Richard Nixon and Post-Yeltsin Russia

Nixon and Boris Yeltsin in Moscow 1991 Following Richard Nixon’s funeral service in 1994, Time Magazine ran the 37th President’s photo on the cover, for a record forty-eighth time, under the headline: “His parting advice to Bill Clinton: America Must Lead.”  When it...