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Upholding the Prestige of the Court

Members of the U.S. Supreme Court as seen on April 20, 1972. By Evan Vassar The Warren Court, throughout its judicial history, ruled on a myriad of cases that would leave Richard Nixon concerned with the Court's use and expansion of judicial power. Among the justices...

Towards an All-Volunteer Force

The Gates Commission on an All-Volunteer Armed Force, made possible by the works and recommendations of Martin Anderson and Milton Friedman. In April of 1967, Martin Anderson, who served as the research director for the Nixon Campaign of 1968, would go on to write a...

1963: Nixon in East Berlin

Richard Nixon and family show their papers to an East Berlin officer before entering the east side of the divided city in 1963. Immediately after RN’s move to New York in 1963 he and his family left on a vacation to tour Europe for six weeks. Between June and August...

Nixon in New York

Richard Nixon enjoys time with his dog, Checkers, in Central Park, New York City. In 1963, after losing the governor’s race in California, Richard Nixon moved away from politics and his home state. He and his family relocated to New York City where he resumed his...