On Wednesday, the White House released a statement concerning the Obama administration’s focus on youth employment, primarily during the summer months, in an effort to provide a gateway for access to long term employment opportunities.
The Youth Jobs+ initiative launched back in April by President Obama, encourages local elected officials, as well as business and community leaders, to work together to connect youth with summer and year-round job opportunities.

President Nixon offered a solution to the same issue over 40 years ago.

In the months leading up to the summer of 1971, President Nixon sent a memo to the Heads of Executive Departments and Agencies regarding the Federal Summer Employment Program for Youth and the importance of providing job opportunities for America’s youth.

“When schools close for the summer, many students will seek summer employment. Some will need the earnings to continue their education or to help out at home. To others the job might mean a start toward a new career, or a chance to relate classroom theory to practical experience. Under the Federal Summer Employment Program for Youth, we have the opportunity to support the aspirations of young Americans by:
–Making it possible for them to obtain employment experience and concurrently to witness the functioning of their Government at close range.
–Broadening their career horizons to include the wide variety of occupations in Government.
–Providing them opportunities to exchange ideas and to receive advice and counsel from Government officials.”
-President Nixon Memorandum About the Federal Summer Employment Program for Youth, March 30, 1971

President Nixon knew the value of hard work, himself working at his family business throughout his youth.

Just days before the end of the 1970-1971 school year, President Nixon released a statement which outlined the steps taken by the White House in improving the number of jobs available for young adults.

The highlights of the statement include:
-The availability of more than 824,000 job opportunities for the summer
-674,000 through the Federal Government
-150,000 through the National Alliance of Businessmen
-An investment of over $303 million from the government toward summer job programs
-The expansion of Federal summer recreation programs for younger Americans

“I believe this expanded program represents a positive and promising approach to the problems of disadvantaged youth in every part of our country. It provides them with a chance to do useful work and learn useful skills. Surely this is one of the wisest investments a nation can make–an investment in the lives of its young.”
-President Nixon Statement About Summer Job and Recreation Opportunities for Youth, June 2, 1971